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CBC Kids Missions Statement



CBC Kids Core Essentials

"Children are a heritage of the Lord" (Psalm 127:3). Covenant Baptist Church believes in the importance of children receiving a firm Biblical foundation. Our Preschool Ministry is committed to partnering with you to provide that foundation. Since our children are God's gift to us, we believe we should do all we can to nurture and protect this gift. We should provide the very best learning environment possible. All that we do should be for the "nurture and admonition" of the children in our care. The Preschool Ministry exists for the benefit of the preschoolers (ages birth through kindergarten.)

New to Our Church

New to Our Church


SS KidsOnce you arrive on campus, greeters are available to answer any questions and can guide you to our children’s welcome center.   There you will be directed to your child’s class. We have a fine staff of teachers that are ready and willing to lead your child through the pages of God’s Word. Age appropriate curriculum will supplement your child’s learning experience.




Preschool Sunday School

Sunday School

SS Kids

Activities or lessons will be taught at a level your child can understand with nurture and love. All lessons are based on the Bible teaching concepts they will need to develop and cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus.



Sunday School - Sundays, 9:00 am

     Babies – Kindergarten


 Class Schedule: Sundays, 9:00am

 Preschool Classes:      Room

Bed Babys (Infants)         203

Toddlers                         204

One Year Old’s                205

Two Year Old’s                206

Three Year Old's              207

               Four & Five Year Old's     208


Preschool Extended Session

Preschool Extended Session

SS Kids


The Bible learning experience continues for a second hour. Building of the lesson from Sunday School, extended session provides additional activities related to the lesson for the day.



 Extended Session - Sundays, 10:30 am

     – Babies–3 year olds

Jr. Children's Church

     – Four year olds - 1st grade



Preschool Missions and Music

Preschool Missions and Music

It is important for preschoolers to be introduced to the spread of the gospel throughout the world. Mission Friends provides the building blocks of faith and basic awareness of God's love for all people. Music activities give preschoolers their first taste of appreciation for music. On occasion they will be given the opportunity to show their talents to parents and the congregation.


Mission Friends - Wednesdays, 6:00 pm

     – 3 year olds-Kindergarten


Music Activities – Sundays (Fall and Spring), 5:00 pm

     – 3 year olds-Kindergarten


SS Kids