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 2019 Conference

The Covenant Men’s Council is pleased to announce our 2019 Men’s

Conference, “Salvation, Commencement to Consummation”, will be led by

David Miller.


David Miller is an evangelist based in Heber Springs, AR. He is the Founder

and President of Line Upon Line Ministries.  Bro. David suffers from a

degenerative muscular disease called peroneal muscular atrophy.  However,

he remains one of the most powerful preachers today – from his wheel chair. It

has been said about David Miller that although he is forced to sit down in his

wheel chair to preach these days, he still stands head and shoulders above

most preachers in our present day. Make your plans now to hear the powerful

messages God has given to Brother Miller to share with our men.


The cost is only $40 and includes 5 sessions with David Miller, 3 meals,

snacks and drinks, fun group activities, and door prizes. You can sign up and

pay at the Information Center or call the church office at 901 853-0700.  The

dates for the conference are Friday, August 16 from 6-9:30 pm and Saturday

August 17, from 8 am-1:15 pm.


A full schedule is available at the Information Center. You will not want to miss

this opportunity to fellowship with other men and to hear this great man of God

as he brings God’s Word to us! Make your plans now to attend and bring a